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online dating service

Online dating can be a great way of meeting people. Hopefully the following observations will help you to create a better online personal ad on If you would like more information check out these dating books.

  1. When you sign up for any kind of dating service upload a photo. Personal adds with photo's receive more then 20 times the hits that profiles with no pictures receive.

  2. If you do use a photo, think carefully about which pictures to use. Guys - Do not post pictures of yourself drinking beer or making and ass of yourself. She can discover how horrible you are later. Ladies - don't use a photo of you with your ex-boyfriend snipped out. I know you like the dress you were wearing in that picture but trust me on this one.

  3. Get a friend to take a photo of you on your own. Get a shot of your face and Make an effort to look happy, relaxed and natural. Don't get professional pictures done as users will think they are fake.

  4. Many personal adds are VERY poorly written. The personal adds that get the most responses are those with a LOT of text in the description area. Describe your self and what your looking for. Also be sure to fill in your profession, and interests as those fields are heavily searched on.

  5. Dating Advice Think carefully about what you want to say. Write a little about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner and your goals Guys - try to say a little more about yourself than what sports you like and do not mention sex. Really. Ladies - just keep on writing them like you do. You can hint at sex if you like. Really.

  6. Be positive. Don't write things like "Just checking out the site" or "Bored and lonely". Secondly, do not write one or two line adverts. Frankly if you can't put in any effort then you are either lazy or you can't really be that interested in meeting someone and the reader will pick up on this.

  7. When you message other users, be sure to write a message that is interesting and doesn't make you come across as being desperate. Nearly everyone reads messages that you send them. More then 80% decide of people take a look at your profile before they decide if they should write you back. If you have listed no interests, or a very short description in your profile then chances are you will not get a reply.

  8. As with writing an advert it is important to write a good response to other people's adverts. Use that word processor again to create a well written piece about yourself and then for each advert you respond to, add an extra paragraph that relates to what the other person wrote and show an interest in finding out more about them.

  9. Don't think that putting your advert up is all you need to do. If everyone were to wait for someone else to contact them then there would be no point to it all. Browse around and if you find 5 or 6 people you think you could connect with and send them a MESSAGE.

  10. Always respond to messages you receive, even if you are not interested. Remember that it is another human being that wrote to you and they will be checking their mail box for the response. It can be disappointing to get a 'thanks, but no thanks' but it is less stressful than waiting for a response that never comes.