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The BestHookup Dating Site FAQ.

  1. Are you going to charge me for any service?

    No this site is 100% free, you will never be charged for anything. You can create Free profiles free messaging, free chat, free forums, free etc. This is a totally free dating site.

  2. My can't i create a profile?

    make sure your picture isn't to large, ie 1mb, also make sure you fill out all the fields. Make sure your browser accepts session cookies.

  3. How do i upload a new picture or change my mail settings.

    Go here

  4. I can't log IN!!!, Or i can't register

    You must enable cookies for your browser. (internet explorer go to tools, click internet options, click on the privacy tab, select advanced options and then select over ride automatic cookie handeling, Then select allow session cookies.)

  5. How will i know if a user sends me a message?

    An email will be sent to the email address you provided telling you to come to the site and check your new messages. All messages users send to each other are stored on our servers, so that we can run spam detection algorithms on it to detect & delete spam.

  6. Is my email address etc safe?

    Yes all the information that you submit is safe with us, we will not sell your e-mail etc.

  7. I need help, i am new to online dating.

    Check out our selection of books from or take a look at our dating tips

  8. My browser doesn't user javascript, not allowing me to see the menu.

    Try our dating site index.

  9. How do i find users in my region?

    Try searching using the basic search.