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MasterBart: The Perfect Profile
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United States
5' 8" (173 cm)
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About Me
It is my goal to connect with people, to feel "understood" and continue to find a place in this world. (I'm not in the "biting my nails waiting for a date" crowd.) I'm not "blunt" per se but whatever the subject matter is I'm willing to go there.

So here's a few li'l tidbits about me:

POLITICS My political views most closely match those of the Libertarian variety. I love my country, but America seems to be the land of the artificial. The food, the TV, the water, the transportation, the media, the schools and churches -- they're mostly mass produced commercial products. I see past the illusion on so many things; I carry my driver's licence and Social Security card, I pay my taxes, and I know what these really are. I know what the American dollar is, I know why GW stumbles over words and doesn't always make sense. BTW I'm not in the "conspiracy theorist" group -- I've met many who are and they're 99% fruitcake and the rest are, like me, quietly and intellectually disillusioned. Politics is not a major factor in my life; I know it's lousy material for first date conversation, and bears minimal influence on my relationships.

RELIGION Again I won't bring it up with strangers or on a date, and is only important for LTR's. I'm not deeply religious; I look for 3 things in religion: (1) History; (2) Rules -- such as diet, lifestyle, and more aggregate things; and (3) Proof of the existance of God -- because it's easier to have faith in the rules knowing they come from a higher power, and hey God's pretty trippy if ya wanna get all philosophical. Ask me my thoughts on it, go ahead.

DRUGS The way I see it, everything is a drug. TV, music, sex, whining, you name it. But as for chemical intoxicants... I drink on the weekends and in moderation. At the rate I'm going I may have a joint about once every 4-6 months, but even that's getting more infrequent. Once every couple years or so I'll take something a bit harder. Once I've tried something I'm pretty much satisfied -- I don't do the whole addiction thing. "Mental expansion" is a worthwhile pursuit, albeit there are infinite ways to achieve this and they don't usually involve chemicals, and they're worthless if you fry the brain.

SEX I tell people I'm a Scorpio and what I usually hear is "Oh, you're just all about sex." Well, yes and no. I gave up on being a player long about my freshman year of high school. As a kid I studied about anatomy and physiology. In my early teens I got into chiropractic techniques, reflexology, aromatherapy, and OH YEAH a lot about massage. In my late teens/early 20's I got into even more specialized techniques, like hypnotherapy and bio-magnetic feedback. I know every guy out there thinks he's just IT when it comes to skills in bed, and that's really a matter of thinking he's better hung than he really is, and ultimately he just hops on top and tries to git-er-done like a jackrabbit. I know I'm light years ahead of them, and I know why. I really don't care for flings, affairs or one-night-stands; I'm not satisfied until I get to make use of the techniques I know. Hence, I need a partner who will learn and experiment with me -- preferably someone with some specialized techniques of her own (but this isn't required). Know that I'm fiercely loyal. I can be an animal, but not a dog.

RELATIONSHIPS I can read people like a book, from the moment I meet them. Ironic how I can stay single and yet I'm everybody's personal relationship councelor. Have you ever said to yourself "Why don't my relationships work? What can I do to meet the right people?" I'm the best one to ask. If you're looking for a fantastic evening, with no strings attatched and no head games, put me first on your list. I've got the no-BS deep honesty of Dr. Phil, wrapped in a positive snappy semi-psychic aura of Miss Cleo.

So, you've either read my posts or gotten mail from me, now it's time to start the communication and let's see what kind of magic we can work. Peace.

First Date
WOW me and I'll show you the best night of your life; otherwise I'm not desperate for a date right now. If you think you're likely to meet me cycling down the trails of Terry Hershey Park, or at Al's Sports Bar (or the Hot Shots right behind my house), lemme know. Casually meeting a fellow POF'er would blow my mind; standard 'ol "dinner-and-movie" would merely blow.
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