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Age: 31
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Age: 29
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TWR: Go the Distance
Appears on 4 members favorite lists

City White Rock British Columbia
Area Canada
Ethnicity Caucasian
Sign Libra

Height 5' 10" (178 cm)
Age 37
Gender Man
Body Type Athletic
Hair Color Blond
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I am Seeking a Woman Who is Looking for Dating

Do you smoke? No
Do you drink? Socially
Marital Status Single
Profession Semi-retired Business Owner
Do you want children? Undecided/Open
Do you do drugs? No
Do you have children? No

  Dating Interests
Chances are its somehing you like to do

  About Me
  Who is the TheWhiteRock (TWR)? If you were referred to me by TheBallBuster (TBB) my alter ego, then you can just move on to the next paragraph. If not, then I suggest you add me to you favorites (you can always delete me later) or open a second browser window and go do a User Search and lookup the "TheBallBuster". When you get there, you just might be reading the funniest profile on the site. So I've been told by countless woman's email to the TBB (worst case, I made you laugh). You can then come back (remember I''ll be in your favorites list now) and read about my more serious side, with out reading the TBB profile chances are rest of this will be lost on you.

Glad to see your still here; the first thing I will apologize for is this is a long read you may want to stop now, but if you go on make sure you read it all. Second is for being so far away, I love White Rock, its a great place to live and if you spent any length of time out here your stress level will drop dramatically, so my logo is "Go The Distance" some times you have to travel a bit to get what your looking for, great things sometimes take that extra effort, don't sell yourself short. I have a saying out in White Rock all the woman are either 19 and single or 45 with four kids, with not to much in-between, so you pretty well have a captive audience out here with me.

Be-forewarned this is just one of my five sides, humor, seriousness, intelligence, romantic and being sexy. You get a dose of the serious side now, intelligence is implied and the last two have to be experiences first hand. This profile is not about what I think you want to hear or what you are looking to hear, chances are 70% that you wouldn't like me or appreciate me in the first place, that's my running average (think of me as a acquired taste, you have to invest some time first, to appreciate me). So this is what I have to say, the truth, you either get it or you don't, and that's not my problem.

I have a great life style, home and am always at the beach or on a trail somewhere with my dog, take good care of myself, goto the gym regularly, enjoy cooking for a woman that appreciates a fine meal with a good bottle of wine and can handle a few martini's. If your not a avid movie fan then my home theatre system will probably be wasted on you or get pretentious about driving around in a jeep with the top down as it might spoil your hair, then stop reading this now. Also of my businesses is self sustaining and that allows me as much free time as I want, so chances are I can accommodate even the most bizarre schedules some of you keep.

As I said before I call them the way I see them, you'll always get a honest answer from me, but you may not like what you hear. I'm a very complicated person, a master of many different traits, I've been called a great athlete, intellect, wise guy, mister fix it, a know it all, great cook and to sexy to handle, but the truth is I can be all ay once or each separately, I'm one of these lucky people that can do just about anything they put there mind to and then excel well about the average person. Some people admire me for this, other spit me, I can only control who I am, not what other thinks, so I just don't worry about it, I concentrate on being me. Who you are determines a lot of who I am, I tend to be a chameleon to my environment and tend to fit in anywhere, what you get out of me, is what you put into me.

If your quick to make an opinions about people, with out really talking to them and asking at least 20 smart questions and then most importantly taking the time to listen. I always tell woman, listen to what I am saying not what you think I am saying (I already know, chances are you have a higher IQ then most men and a vocabulary twice as large, just cool it for a few minutes). So you might only see one or two things in me and they may be not the ones you like, a classic example is a email profile, what can you actually say in a few paragraphs, you can only hope to peer into a small window of a person life. So my goal is to get you on the phone as quickly as possible and find out if your partially normal and do we have a phone re-pore.

So here is what I would like, you should not be in therapy, divorced/separated last week; make sure you have your baggage tucked away neatly (as I have none), I enjoy some one that is confident, know what they want, dependable, can plan more than one day in advance, honest, wakes up with a smile, cuddly and affectionate also helps to have a good sex drive. You should have your life in order, career, finances and well being.

My job should be to make you feel good and stimulate your other neglected area's such as having fun or personal growth. Make sure you have the time to see someone as all this takes a lot of time and effort, its no fun when you can't share things equally. Be prepared to send a ..RECENT.. photo, every one can upload private photos on this site so there should be no excuse or in other words, no photo, no talky.

If you choose to correspond with me and I respond back, then that is the first test, I will answer all incoming emails and any question you would like to ask me. My tests then include, things like can you write more than a paragraph that actually says something interesting, make me laugh, respond in decent time and do what you say, and oh boy on this site, that's a tall order to get by. Then chances are you'll get my phone number and be asked to talk to me live, I don't believe in long email chain letters, so lets get you on phone and get on with it, the same rules apply, get through that and then we get to the dating stage.

Now just so you know, I'm not a player, my only goal is to find a couple of good woman to date and see if at least one can lead to something more or as they say "what ever works". TBB is leading me to a few good woman hiding on the site (I get the feeling that one of those slots is going to be filled shortly), so chances are you'll have to peruse me for one of the remaining others, if my profile disappears for a while it means I'm in that "making it work stage" or all the slots are filled for now, good luck I hope you enjoyed the read, but TBB will always be around to entertain you, also always remember Its how a man make a woman feel, not how he look in the end that important, The WhiteRock.

BTW: This is a very current photo, I've lost another 10 lbs since then and have a dark tan now. I also have plenty of pictures and will send them if I start corresponding with you, if your not interested in me now, then do me a favor and delete my emails you can always mark me as a favorite, or the TBB may get on your chase.

  First Date
  I always find that the woman that actually controls the first date, so it just becomes what your comfortable with; coffee, a walk, the pub and a game of pool, or just asking me to cook you dinner, or just make love to me (well maybe, that's a little to much wishful thinking), anyways I'm always open to suggestions. The bottom line is if you can't have a 20 minute conversation face to face and then have some sparks fly then what was the point in the first place.

Online Dating Messaging Restrictions (To message TWR you MUST meet the following criteria.)
Age between 27 and 39
Live in Canada
Live within 75 miles.


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