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Age: 33
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Age: 38
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Age: 31
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medstudent: The last horizon lies before us....
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City Colorado Springs Colorado
Area United States
Ethnicity Mixed Race
Sign Sagittarius

Height 5' 8" (173 cm)
Age 40
Gender Man
Body Type Average
Religion Non-Religious
Hair Color Brown
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I am Seeking a Woman Who is Looking for Hang Out

Do you smoke? No
Do you drink? No
Marital Status Divorced
Profession medical student of radiology
Do you want children? Undecided/Open
Do you do drugs? No
Do you have children? Yes

  Dating Interests
developing a new engine that doesn't use gas riding around Ireland and Scotland riding around the world once
riding riding to Alaska women
writing the next big childrens book series

  About Me
  This is the part that I hate. I hate this because I am a humble person, I don’t brag, I let my actions speak for themselves and you can judge whether I am funny, smart, romantic, etc. etc. etc. For example, I will let you decide if an I.Q. of MENSA standard is considered intelligent, add my 4.0 that I am carrying to the equation. Or, I won’t say I am an artist, but if you lived in Canon City in the beginning of ’01, you might remember the air-brushed angel, the 6 ft angel, on the front window of the comic book shop. Or the little green gravedigger with the eerie smile, reminiscent of a cartoon Peter Lorie(?) from the old cartoons by Warner Bros., next to the caption, “If we don’t have it, we can dig it up for you” I thought it was a clever slogan for a comic shop called “Graveyard Comics”. I could say I am romantic, however, I will let the poetry I have published speak for it’s self. If one was interested, one could find these at I will even go so far as to tell you the titles, “Take The Chance” and “Beauty by Committee” I can’t say I am a good lover, but I can say I have never had a one-night stand. I will not say that I am a compassionate man, but I will say that I forgave my ex for messing around three times, I thought it was fair. Three strikes you’re out sort of thinking. I refuse to say that I am contemplative, analytical, creative, innovative, mechanical or just a touch bit prescient, but there is a design I am working on that may make fossil fuels a thing of the past, well… not completely, but it could power the millions of cars without polluting the atmosphere. I will not say I am a biker and love riding, not when the maze of motorcycle parts strewn about the garage and a motorcycle frame in the process of being rebuilt stands as irrefutable testament of the fact. There is no way that I will brag that I am good with my hands, but, if one had a rough day, my foot rubs and back massages have always proven to be relaxing. In fact, it feels particularly nice if that massage is on the back porch, under the roof I built last summer. I will tell you what I will do though; I will say that if you are so inclined to write to ascertain whether or not I am telling the truth. I will answer correspondence, (I think it is rude to not at least say no thank you, and I am not a rude man). One last thing, I can be trained

What I am looking for. Well, I am not looking for anything, this is more like a fishing expedition. To say ‘looking’ is to imply that one is hunting, and hunting is a very difficult thing. However, fishing is different; fishing is passive, while hunting is aggressive. What I am fishing for is a lady, a woman, a lover, a friend, a confidant, a believer, a stop sign, a sounding board for ideas that are revolutionary, one who understands that I am a revolutionary at heart. One who can discuss politics without spitting back the rhetoric spewed from the media heads and spin-doctors.. I am fishing for an editor, a mentor, a protégé, an adventuress, a riding partner, a swim buddy, a test-taster. I am hoping to find a pretty face to come home to, and an unlit fire to get started, I am wanting to see that same pretty face come in the door to a candle-lit dinner and a soft robe and hot bath, just because I realize that to have found such a woman who is all these thing s and I thousand more I want to discover, is to have discovered the greatest treasure for any man, one whose value makes gold base in comparison. I am exploring this vast unknown realm of on-line dating in hopes of discovery of someone I can place upon this pedestal I have constructed, someone who knows that no mere mortal is right all the time, and there is nothing wrong with that. One who respects the premise that some opinions will never be changed and the ability to recognize the futility of trying to change that opinion, just as I have learned that. I am all these things, so if you are the same, you would be perfect.

  First Date
  The perfect first date would begin with a phone call. During which we would chat for a bit and this way determine where we will go and what we will do. I am perhaps the most well prepared spontaneous person you may ever meet, in that no matter what we do, I will have a back-up plan forming as we discuss the plan. Should it turn out that my date would rather leave it up to me to make the plans, then I would propose a ride on my bike, to a store where we would select things for a picnic. Then we would head for the mountains and take in this wonder of nature that God has given us. (I believe that God made the world for bikers. When you sit in a car, you see the world going by, when you are on a bike, you experience the world as He made it. A person in a car can see it is raining, but on a bike, I can see it, smell it, taste it, feel it, and hear it. What better proof that the world was made for bikers, what better way to show ones appreciation for that than by enjoying it as He intended.) Should this not prove to your liking, then I would suggest your favorite restaurant. In the event you don’t have one, I am always up to trying new places, knowing that I can fall back on one of my favorite places, such as Red Lobster, Outback, or one of the many ‘family grills’ that dot the landscape. The bottom line is that I would make every endeavor to ensure that you enjoy the evening, because it would really suck if you didn't have a nice time.

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