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City Odessa Odessa
Area Ukraine
Ethnicity European

Height 5' 7" (170 cm)
Age 27
Gender Woman
Body Type Thin
Hair Color Brown
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I am Seeking a Man Who is Looking for Long term

Do you smoke? No
Do you drink? Socially
Marital Status Single
Profession student
Do you want children? Undecided/Open
Do you do drugs? No
Do you have children? No


  I am a postgraduate in Odessa State University completing thesis on linguistics. Odessa is a Ukrainian city, situated near the Black sea. Itís very pleasant especially in summer.
I like books very much, my favorites are the new ones because they smell so pleasantly of the print paint. But the old folios are very venerable, of course, and require awesome attitude toward them!
I like music too. I like classic but when I am outing to dance I am go for quick rhythm and melodies suited for quick movement.
Then I like to go to the sea in any weather. We have got a lot of trees at the seashore area and they smell green in spring, and in summer flowers and dry hay smell added, in autumn - the one of falling leaves and rotting grass.
I attend gym because I like movement. I try to go every day but sometimes I am so tired that can't make myself go! It's a rare thing though. I like jokes and people with sense of humor - not the bullying ruddy-cheeked jolly fellows but mild and inoffensive teasing.
I like also flowers when they are not cut off, cheese when it's not sweet, all the kind of fruits because they are tasty and beautiful simultaneously, light-blue color, white honey, and nuts of all kinds, red animals - collies, chow-chows, squirrels. I would like to have a pony - they are so funny but where I am to keep it? I like when the sea smells with water-melons, in spring or early autumn. I like new clothes. I like to gather chestnuts and leaves in autumn and make figures out of them. I like honesty and kindness. I like raisins and dry figs and plums. I wish I had patience. I want to publish all my articles. I like libraries too!
I hate frost and do not like winter because electricity is switched off almost all the day. I do not like obscenities, loud cries and cruelty. I do not like when people peep into book I am reading or try to rummage my things. I do not like persistent questions.
I do not like when people read my letters, notes and e-mails. I do not feel at home with interfering people. I do not like and do like many other things.

  Please, no pen-pals! No on-line buddies! Only those who are interested in marriage.


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